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Aaloo Tikki Chhole – The famous North Indian Street Food

aloo tikki chhole

The Aaloo Tikki (potato cutlets) and Chhole (spiced chickpeas) is the famous North Indian Snack. This is my favorite street food. In north India you’ll find many street vendors selling Tikki Chhole in the residential areas on a cycle or ‘thela’. In monsoon the number of vendors increases, you’ll find them outside schools & colleges, in markets, near vegetable market (sabji mandi), near bus stands & railway stations, I mean every where packed with people waiting for their plate of Tikki chhole. The plate is topped with Dahi (curd), onion, tomato, sev, coriander, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney and some spices. My goodness I’m feeling so hungry while listing these ingredients. The taste is tangy and spicy and believe me you just can’t stop after having one plate of Tikki chhole, you’ll surely order for another one immediately.

Aaloo Tikki Recipe

1/4 kg potatoes boiled and grated
1/4 cup of boiled and mashed green peas
2 slices white bread toasted a bit and made into a coarse powder (bread crumbs)
2-3 green chillies finely chopped
1″ ginger grated
3 tbsps of chopped fresh coriander leaves finely chopped
salt to taste
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/4 tsp chaat masala (optional)
1 tsp roasted cumin pwd
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
ghee/oil for shallow frying

Boil potatoes and cool them before grating them.Add the rest of the ingredients except the ghee and mix well. Roll into lemon sized balls and flatten them and shape into cutlets or round burger shaped patties and flatten them a bit. Heat 1 tbsp ghee on a griddle and add 3 to 4 tikkis at a time and let them cook on slow fire till a crisp golden color crust is formed on both the sides. Remove on absorbent paper and serve with chole & a squeeze of lemon.

Chhole Recipe

250 gms Chick Peas
2 large Onions, chopped finely
4 large Tomatoes, chopped finely
2 teaspoons Ginger paste
2 teaspoons Garlic paste
2 Bay leaves
1 Star anise
2″ long Cinnamon stick
2 to 3 teaspoons Cumin powder
1 teaspoon Garam masala
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon Sugar
2 to 3 tablespoons Oil
1/4th cup coriander leaves, chopped finely

– Heat the oil; add the bay leaves, star anise, cinnamon stick and the ginger and garlic paste. Sauté for a few minutes till light brown.
– Add the onions and fry till brown. Add the tomatoes and sauté till the oil starts to separate.
– Add the cumin powder, garam masala salt and sugar. Mix well.
– Add the Chick peas. Add 1/2 cup of hot water and cook for 5 to 8 minutes. Serve over Aloo tikkis with some finely chopped red onion, coriander leaves & a squeeze of lemon.