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A Gourmet Tour Across India

Take a Glimpse of A gourmet Tour across India

The array of Indian cuisines can reel your mind with choices.  Indian cuisines have been around for 3000 years and changed much over the years and include both traditional and modern recopies. The use of exotic herbs and spices add a specialty touch to each Indian cuisine. Our food is generally spicy compared to western standards. Each different region in India is known for its specialty cuisines. Regional cuisines are quite distinct and vary among each other. Difference also lies in cooking method and preferences among the inhabitants. However all the cuisines are a combination of taste and nutrition and the fun fact is that several dishes can be prepared with same ingredients in different procedures. It is not easy to pick some of the states in India that stand out in gastronomy, so here we have picked up some.

Let’s take a glimpse of a gourmet tour across India:

North Indian Cuisine

North India covers quite an extensive region of the country including the state of Rajasthan, Kashmir, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Rice, vegetables and pulses is the staple diet of the people of these states. The only difference lies in the method of preparation. Some specialty recipes of each region are famous throughout India such as Uttar Pradesh’s Kebabs and Rajasthan’s Dal Bati. Let’s have a look at few of them:

  • Kashmir – The specialty delicacies in Kashmir are Tabak Maz, Gustaba, Dum aloo, Karam ka saag or Haak.
  • Himachal Pradesh – Do not miss sidu, babroo, aktori and dham while you are in a tour to the state of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh’s Kebabs are famous through out India. The state being ruled by the Mughals over a long period influenced and benefitted in the rich Mughlai cuisine which is now the specialty of the state. Other than Kababs, Biryani, halwa, bedmi aaloo kachori, benarsi chaat are some of the regional specialties.
  • Delhi – Delhi delicacies include chaat, Tandoori chicken, Paranthe, Nagauri halwa, Chhole bhature. These items are highly desirable among the Delhiites.
  • Rajasthan – The specialty regional cuisines of the desert state of India includes Dal baati churma, Ker sangari, lal maas, Gatte ki sabzi, Pyaaz ki kachori. Do not forget to take a tasty bite on this delicious food items while on Rajasthan.
  • Punjab – Punjab regional specialties include Rajma, Dal makhani, Palak paneer, Makke di roti, Sarson ka saag, Amritsari Machchi, Chana Bhature and Kulcha.

South Indian Cuisine

South Indian cuisines are distinct and remarkably different from West, North or East Indian cuisine. The population of south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Many of the specialty cuisines of south India have become immensely popular not only with rest of the Indians but also across the globe. Some of the delicious recopies of these region includes idli, dosa, uppuma, pongal and many others. Let’s have a look at the south Indian delicacies:

  • Andhra Pradesh – The regional specialties of this state are Hydrabadi biryani, ghongura pickle, mirchi ka salan, korikoora to name a few.
  • Karnataka – This state is famous for its delicious kesari bath, Bisi Bele bhaat, mysore pak, dharwad pedha and chiroti.
  • Tamil Nadu – the state of Tamil Nadu offers Appam, idli, Dosai, sambhar, rasam, pongal to its vegetarian locals and tourists. Among the non-veg delicacies do not miss chicken chettinad.
  • Kerala – Other than the natural beauty of the God’s own country that attracts tourist across the globe, the specialty cuisines of this state also hold equal popularity among the visitors and the locals. Do not forget to try its wide range of sea food cuisines, Sadya meal, Malabar parotha, Avial, payasam, irachi stew and fish curry.

East Indian Cuisine

Within East India comes the state of West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar and seven northeastern states. The regional cuisine of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal is one but difference lies in the preference of dishes. Bengalis prefer Macher Jhol as compared to the people of other two states. North east states consist of more non vegetarian food population.

  • West Bengal – Bhapa fish, rosogulla, mishti doi are favorite cuisines of people from West Bengal especially Bengalis.
  • Arunachal Pradesh – apong (local beer)
  • Orissa: Specialty cuisines of these regions include Fish orly, rasabali, khirmohan, chhenapodapitha etc.
  • Bihar – litti (baked balls of wheat), khaja, sattu (ground gram), khubi ka lai, anarasa, tilkut
  • Other northeastern states: Assam – popular are pitha Maasor tenga,
  • Nagaland – Rice beer, cherry wine and momos
  • Tripura – mwkhwi, Chakhwi, muitru
  • Sikkim – momos, gundruk, thukpa, phagshapa and sael roti are popular regional cuisines of Sikkim.

West Indian Cuisine

West Indian cuisines also differ extensively from rest of India. West India includes Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. West India offers ample variety of dishes as there is a significant difference between the people of the three states. Maharashtra’s paav bhaji and bhel puri, dhoklas from Gujarat and the non-veg items of Goa are distinct in nature but will delight you with their delicious taste. Let’s have a look at the West Indian specialties:

  • Maharashtra – Thalipeeth, Vada pao, Modak, missal pao, pithla bhakri and Shrikhand are some Maharashtrian specialties’ very popular among the locals and also attracts tourists.
  • Gujarat – The specialty regional cuisines includes Dhokla, Thepla, Khandvi, panki, Handvo
  • Goa – Goa is famous for its exotic cuisines some of which are xacuti, vindaloo, bibinca, prawn balchao etc.

Some states that come within the central part of India also have distinct regional cuisines. Jharkhand is known for its pua, pitta, thekua, marua-ki-roti, Madhya Pradesh is popular for lapsi, Bafla and Chhattisgarh is famous for Bafauri, kusli (sweet items).