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10 Most Terrifying ‘Acts of God’ Ever in India

An unexpected occasion causing tremendous demolition and loss of life is termed as ‘Natural Disaster’ also sometime called an ‘Act of God’. In the article below we have listed some of such terrible Acts of God ever happened in India. These occasions resulted in lots of collateral damage, loss of life, extensive demolition, and devastating scene all around the affected regions.

Uttarakhand Floods

10 Most  Terrifying ‘Acts of God’ happened Ever in India are:

1. Third Plague Pandemic in late 19th century: The disease took over about 1.2 crore lives over a period of three decades.

2. Bengal famine of 1770 : In the 18th century the state of Bengal was badly hit by a famine that caused about 1 crore deaths (approximately one-third of the then state’s population) in the state.

3. Bengal famine of 1943 : In 1943, a massive famine struck the state of Bengal, India’s rice-belt, killing at least 40 lakh people.

4. Deccan famine of 1632-33 : A total of 20 lakh Indians died in the Deccan famine. One of the most severe famines to have affected the country in the Mughal era, the famine, according to the historians, was caused by three successive staple crop failures that led to starvation and diseases that were incurable then.

5. Coringa cyclone of 1835 : Coringa, now known as Andhra Pradesh was hit by a devastating cyclone that killed nearly 3.2 lakh people and also destroyed about 25,000 ships and vessels in the harbour city.

6. Calcutta cyclone 1737 : The cyclone hit Calcutta, now known as Kolkata, on 7th October 1737. Along with massive destruction, it killed nearly 3 lakh people.

7. Gujarat earthquake in 2001 : A powerful earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the Gujarat state on January 26, 2001 killing at least 30,000 people. The earthquake was so massive that it destroyed many villages in the state.

8. Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 : A powerful earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale caused this destructive Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. According to the government records it killed nearly 10,000 people in India and affected 150,000 people in 11 countries.

9. Latur Earthquake in 1993 : A massive earthquake that measured 6.4 on Richter scale killed more than 20,000 people and damaged more than 2 lakh houses in 13 neighbouring districts.

10. Uttarakhand Flood in 2013 : The lastest one in this list is the Uttarakhan Flood that occurred in the month of June. Heavy rains resulted in flash floods that caused massive landslide damaging whatever came along the way. The exact number of deaths and missing people is still a question.