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10 Best Things To Do When in Pune

10 Best Things To Do When in Pune

Pune the second largest city of Maharashtra is known as oxford of east and cultural capital of Maharashtra. Today, Pune is an educational center and an IT hub and soon will be a metropolitan city. Right now, the city has a cosmopolitan status and at the same time it enjoys some traditional culture too. For those interested in history and architecture, Pune offers a mix of the modern interlaced with the old! You’ll see an old fort in the heart of the city and glass architecturally modern buildings all in the same city. The locals, often referred to as Puneites, are very friendly and warm….and while on a trip to Pune here are some thing’s you shouldn’t miss out on if you get the chance. Pune is a melting pot of cultures with a large population of foreign students as well as students from throughout India; it is one of the major Army training bases.

Pune is a popular tourist destination and has many things to keep you busy during holidays. The options vary from shopping, to dining, to sightseeing, to partying around, to trekking, to entertainment etc.

Things To Do in Pune

  • Shopping at Laxmi Road and Fashion Street

The most common activity to indulge in is shopping. Pune is for not only shopaholics but normal people like us. Shoes, designer clothes, accessories, bags, food products and numerous other articles are available in the shops found in the city. Major shopping areas include Laxmi Road and Fashion Street.

  • Shopping at MG Road (main street)

If your a shopper by heart, there is nothing you won’t or cannot find here if you just have an eye for it! Pune with its blend of Indian and Western cultures and with branded goods to the exquisite handicrafts it’s a paradise for all shoppers, catering to each and every individual. M.G.Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road), popularly known as Camp or Main Street serves not only as a shoppers haven but also as a perfect place to window shop! The most recent attraction is the walking plaza on weekends where by the road is closed of to vehicles and turns into a fair of sorts with food stalls, entertainment and of course shopping.

  • Explore Shaniwar wada

To see a part of history you don’t have to travel far from the city. The Shaniwar Wada Palace Fort of the Maratha Dynasty lies in the heart of Pune city. It covers six and a quarter acres in central Pune. It was constructed in 1732 as the seat of the Peshwa (prime ministers of the Maratha Empire), and remained the political capital of the Empire until its annihilation. While the Palace was destroyed in a big fire in 1827, the mammoth structure of the walls survived the fire. Shaniwar Wada is a real specimen of Maratha culture and the architectural design shows the influence of Mughal style and the feature of Maratha artistic styles. The 21 feet tall massive door of the palace known as Delhi Darwaza is one of the remains of the grand old Palace. Public can visit the palace everyday between 8 am to 6.30 pm.

  • Lakes around Pune

Since Pune stands on the leeward side of the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range, it is a catchment area resulting in 3 beautiful fresh-water lakes around the city. The closest lake to the city is Khadakwasla lake situated about 20 km from Pune. Khadakwasla is a small calm and quiet place and the lake has a Dam built across it, which is the main source of water for the whole city. The National Defense Academy is located to the NW of the dam, and has the whole western shore for boating and sailing-related training. About 50 km southwest of the city further from Khadakwasla is the Panshet Lake and Dam. Lush green hills streaked with numerous waterfalls surround this lake making it a great picnic spot. The Mulshi Lake, formed by the catchment area of the Mulshi Dam, is another sought after picnic destination around Pune. Situated 55 km west of Pune the lake has a scenic surrounding of unexploited Sahyadri hilly terrains and luscious green dense forests. The forest cover and the lake are habitats for different bird flora and many varieties colored birds can be spotted here.

  • Trekking

One of the prime getaways from Pune are the hills and the forts around it. The most popular fort is that of Shivaji’s called Sinhagad (which literally translates to Lions Fort) about 25 kilometers South of Pune perched on a steep hill at a height 700m of it’s surrounding. The lovely drive via the Khadakwasla Lake & Dam makes it a much adored and a desired picnic getaway spot. The actual 17th century fort has mostly fallen to ruin but parts of it still remain and with the view it offers is worth a trip to the top. The monsoon season is the beat time to visit the fort, though it’s almost always cloudy and rainy up there then, the greenery and breath-taking view of the valley is unmatched. Buses are available to the top as are rented jeeps, but bikes or a car are the best way of getting there. Although the road isn’t that great getting up there with it’s 10 kms of curves and climbs it does have some breathtaking views along the way and is worth when your reach the top. For the more adventurous kind there is a trekking path you can take from the base of the mountain right up to the base of the fort where the parking lot is situated.

  • Kayani Bakery’s Shrewsbury Biscuits

Kayani bakery started in 1955 is an institution in Pune. Almost all visitors who come to Pune from around India especially Mumbai, have to take back gifts of one of the Bakery’s specialties…the Shrewsbury Biscuits. These pale yellow biscuits much like the western shortbread, are very buttery and very sweet. Packed in familiar ,square, patterned, carboard boxes they are sold out in a few minutes everyday. People fight over them, there are near stampedes in the anxiety to get hold of at least one of those precious boxes. If you pass by at that critical time when the batch comes out of the oven you will wonder what event has occurred to create such excitement. The bakery is said to make about 200 kgs of these biscuits a day and they are almost always sold out!

  • Dine at Koregaon Park

Puneites are foodies at heart. Restaurants in the city spring up faster here than you can say ‘Restaurants’. Pune offers everything under the sun when it comes to cuisine, with restaurants of every variety and taste available just around the corner. But there’s One food lane where you won’t have to look far to find a restaurant to your taste…and that’s Koregaon Park Road.

  • Osho Ashram at Koregaon Park

The Osho Commune International or Osho Ashram as it is famously known, was founded by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain (called Osho) in Koregaon Park road in Pune. A spiritual center set up by Osho in 1990, the ashram today is a prime attraction for tourists who are enthused with the preaching and ideologies of Rajneesh. It is a resort for Meditation and Yoga based on the ideologies and teachings of Osho and his techniques that offer the practice of meditation to get rid of stress and strain of worldly life.

  • Beaches around Pune

After 5 days of hectic work schedule, people in Pune head towards a weekend getaway. There are so many places in an around Pune that can be the best weekend destination. You can plan a 1 or 2 day trip to these destinations and relax your heart, body, mind and soul. As the temperature is at its peak what’s better than a trip to the konkan beaches. The coastal climate of Maharashtra makes travelling agreeable all round the year. If you’ve got an inclination for sand and sea, these destinations will prove to be an exciting option. Discover the real Maharashtra at the same time as you soak up the sun on quiet sands or explore captivating sights.

  • Hill Stations around Pune

Pune, the Harvard of east, is undoubtedly the most preferred city by young students and young working professional over the other metropolitan cities in India. The independent lifestyle of Pune makes it the best city to live in. Pune is situated amidst of many beautiful Hill Stations which are amongst the best Hill Stations of India. Being a great IT Hub and a famous education center most of Pune’s population is of young genre. As soon as the weekend comes they are all ready to take a break from the regular schedule and getaway to places around Pune. Unlike other cities the traffic increases in Pune during weekends. It is all because Puneites head towards weekend getaways. The most interesting thing about Pune is you have lots of options for getaways. There are various Forts in and around Pune, various picnic spots, treks, beaches and hill stations.


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