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10 Best Things to do in Goa

Things to do in Goa

The smallest state in India has the biggest list to tourist activities to offer. Goa is a synonym for Sun, Sand, Parties and unlimited fun. The top most tourist destination in India where millions of tourists flock the tiny state.  Some come here for its old city charm, some come here to surf, some to party hard and some just to do nothing. Apart from your preferences, here’s a list of best things to do when in Goa. This is our compilation and we hope you like it.

Get a Temporary Black Henna Tattoo

We know most of the people aren’t to frenzy to get a permanent tattoo done. But here in Goa, you can get a black henna tattoo done very quickly at an affordable price. These tattoo artists use skin friendly black henna and stencils for a quick tattoo. The best part is that it is temporary. It fades after a couple of weeks.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

In Goa the proverb “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper” doesn’t really exist. Here you should always eat like a king, no matter what meal you are having. Goa has an array of beach side restaurants and Shacks serving some of the authentic Goan cuisines. Each item here qualifies to be a part of “the-must-haves”. Some places worth a mention are Infantaria at Calangute, Curly’s on Anjuna and Britto’s at Baga. Do try their Sea food if you are a non-vegetarian.

Visit Old Goa

Old Goa is a small city in North Goa. Located about 9 km east of Panaji. Old Goa is the former colonial capital of Goa. Today it is one of the most popular tourist spot of Goa. Popular for its old city charm, heritage architecture and scenic churches. Some of the sites here are acclaimed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. A visit to this small city is like you have traveled back in time where the charm is still alive.

Don’t miss to Cruise Mandovi

The sunset and sundown cruises along the River Mandovi is a craze amongst the tourists. They do have daytime cruises but the one in the evening and night are better. Musical night followed by a gala dinner that’s what the Mandovi River cruise offers you.

Water Sports (A must for adventure lovers)

Goa has a long coastal line and it is blessed with endless beaches. Most of the Goan beaches have the facility of water sports and other water activities which are quiet popular amongst tourists. Surfing, para sailing, Banana ride, jet skiing are few of the popular water activities here. The safety measure is been taken care of, all the beaches have supervised activities and a good number of lifeguards managing the rescue and security operations on Goa’s beaches.

Spend a Night on the Beach

Strictly recommended for a group of men. Women please don’t because of the safety issues. Spending a whole night on the clam beach gazing at the starry sky seems to be a good idea, but if you are alone please don’t as many robbery cases have been filed by tourists. Otherwise in a group it is one of the exciting thing you can do when in Goa.


Goa’s bustling flea markets are a kaleidoscope of artifacts, knick-knacks, shell work, bamboo work, brass ware, curios, trinkets made of stones and corals, jewelry, carved furniture and beachwear among a host of other stuff. The local markets showcase the agricultural produce & fresh as well as dry fish brought in by the villagers of neighboring areas and house noisy vendors feverishly trying to outbid each other. Once you are here in these markets you’ll know that Goa is not just about beaches and party. There’s lot more

Explore the surroundings and interiors of the city

The best part about Goa is that you get two-wheelers on rent. Just hire one and get deep into the city to explore more about Goa, its people and the culture. It is great fun to ride around and explore every bit of the city. Make the most of Goa travel on these rented two-wheelers.

Celebrate Christmas

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in Goa. Christianity is the pre-dominant religion in Goa that can be seen in the form of beautiful Churches. People from other religions too celebrate this festival with equal enthusiasm and zeal. The lights, the activities, the decorations and the celebrations are something that you must see to experience. Every lane and every street is decorated with garlands and lanterns . The feast is something you can’t afford to miss.


Goa is a symbol of fun, frolic and parties. The party hub of India. If you get a chance to join any of the beach parties, don’t miss that opportunity. Goa is famous for them and being a part of it is an experience. Goan parties are all about fun, loud music, lights and pretty people. You make new friends, hangout and enjoy that’s what it is all about.