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10 Best Things To Do in Bangalore

Things to do in Bangalore, hiking at nandi-hills

Many people from different parts of the world keep coming to Bangalore for more than one reason. Some come here for professional work, some come here for studies and the rest to troll around the city. Bangalore has something to please everyone. Nobody returns from Bangalore disappointed.

Bangalore, often referred as the Silicon Valley of India and is the capital city of Karnataka. Because of its beautiful gardens, Bangalore is also referred as the ‘Garden City’ of India. Most of the city’s population comprises of highly intellectual and talented young students and professionals who come to Bangalore for the education and work opportunities the city offers.

So, if you ever get a chance do consider the following “Things-to-do in Bangalore”

1. Bangalore Heritage walk

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Bangalore also happens to be a historic city. To better explore the historic side of the silicon valley, you must take the ‘heritage walk’. This three hours walk is organized by passionate presenters giving you the details about Bangalore’s history and culture. This walk is usually conducted on weekends and is a must for every traveler who is interested in exploring Bangalore’s history and culture.

2. Visit Hampi

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Today all you can see at Hampi are the ruins of a great kingdom. An important historic city, that is now acclaimed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It was the main base of Vijayanagara empire in 1336 A.D. You can still see the imprints of magnificent architecture and glorious past the city had in the bygone era.

3. Bannerghatta National Park

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Bannerghatta National Park is located about 22 kms away from the Bangalore city. The park is spread over an area of 104.27sq kms. The park is open throughout the year, and the temperature in Banerghatta ranges from 15°C to 35°C during the year. The popular attractions at the park are aquarium, zoo, children’s park, Crocodile Park, Snakes Park, prehistoric animals park and a museum.

4. Visit Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

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A must visit place if you are traveling with Kids. The museum is famous for its interactive exhibits, which are very popular among kids. the best shows for tourists are Taramandal Show, Science Demonstration Show, Sky Observation Programme, Popular Science Lecture and Commemorative Programme.

5. Visit the Aquarium

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It is the second largest aquarium in the country and is home to a variety of exotic cultivable as well as ornamental fish. Located at the entrance of Cubbon Park, it is home to species like eels, angelfish, glowlight tetra, red-tail shark, catla, Indian tiger barb, mahseer, freshwater prawns, blue gourami, gold fish, and more.

6. Visit Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

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It is open to public Palace. If affordable, you can spend 1 or 2 days here to explore every bit of the palace. Constructed way back in 1791, the Palace is still as luxurious as it was then. Located away from city’s hustling and bustling life, it is a perfect location to spend some quality time gazing at the royal luxurious past.

7. Visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden

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It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Bangalore. Each year it attracts thousand of tourists from all parts of the world. The authorities keep organizing event to showcase different varieties of flowers and plants grown here. It is spread over an area of 240 acre. It has a famous glass house which hosts an annual flower show. It also has the largest collection of tropical plants, aquarium and a lake.

8. Enjoy a masala dosa and filter coffee

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Any trip to Southern India is incomplete without having Masala Dosa and Filter coffee. Here in Bangalore you have an array of restaurants that serve delicious Dosa. Get in any of the restaurants and order Dosa along with filter coffee. you won’t regret, believe me.

9. Hiking at Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is located at a distance of about 60 kms away from Bangalore City. It is a popular tourist destination in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Nandi hills is located at an altitude of about 1,478 meter. Nandi hills is an ideal place for adventure seekers looking for some trekking and hiking activities near Bangalore. The popular tourist attractions near Nandi Hills include Palar, Arkavati and Pennar Rivers.

10. Stroll at Cubbon Park

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The Cubbon Park, officially known as Sri. Chamarajendra Park, is an historic park, located in the heart of city in the Central Administrative Area. It contributes to various Historical Monuments and Government Buildings.